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To The World


  • Image of To The World
  • Image of To The World

To the world you are a Mother, but to our family you are the world
Hanging Decoration

These gorgeous hanging decorations are inspired by my original papercut artwork and turned into wooden designs.
Perfect for gifting this Mothers Day to remind your Mum just how special she is, a gorgeous keepsake to hang all year round.
Laser cut from MDF, with glitter accents and finished in premium chalk paint.

Approx. 15cm size. Twine hanging loop.

Please keep out of reach of little hands, these are strictly decorative items. Handle your decorations with care, as with all handmade items, they are delicate and should be treated as such.
As they are all hand finished, finish may vary slightly from picture shown above.

Image of Honeycomb
Image of Under The Sea Wreath
Under The Sea Wreath
Image of Shell Decoration
Shell Decoration
Image of Rainbow Narwhal
Rainbow Narwhal
Image of Seas The Day
Seas The Day
Image of Home Sweet Home Wreath
Home Sweet Home Wreath
Image of Mothers Hold Their Children’s Hands
Mothers Hold Their Children’s Hands
Image of Mum Best-Tea
Mum Best-Tea
Image of First My Mum
First My Mum
Image of Kissing Booth
Kissing Booth
Image of Love Letters Van
Love Letters Van
Image of Love Potion
Love Potion
Image of Love Is Sweet
Love Is Sweet
Image of Berry Much
Berry Much
Image of You’re My Cup of Tea
You’re My Cup of Tea
Image of Rainbow Block - pastel
Rainbow Block - pastel
Image of Birthday Cupcake
Birthday Cupcake
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